Why it is said that smoking is injurious to health?

You may have seen that there are a huge number of people who are really addicted to smoking. It is one of the most affective habit that a lot of people have developed in today’s world. If you are one of them then it is really important that you get rid of habits like this as soon as possible. There are a lot of people who have faced a lot of issues due to this habit.

You may have heard of a few numbers of incidents that a huge number of pepe died due to smoking. The most interesting thing about this habit is that everyone is well aware with the demerits and harmful issues that can be caused by smoking but still they do it. According to research more than 80% of the people who dies of cancer are smokers.

Some important things to know

There are a huge number of issues that are caused by smoking. If you do not know or have forgotten about them then it’s time that you remember them so that you can try to quit smoking. Here are some of them that you need to consider.

  • The first effect that is caused by smoking cigarettes is that you will have to face a lot of health issues. There are a huge number of issues that you have to face like cancer the worst thing about these issues is that it will not give the person a sudden death it will make him torment him to death.
  • If you have ever noticed the you will see that the people who are having the habit of smoking look much older than the other people of their age. The reason behind this is it is really affective and start to make our body lose strength.
  • Another effect that you have to face due to smoking is that the user will see that after some point of time his bone density will decrease. This will eventually lead the user to face a huge amount of pain in their body parts after doing a small amount of work.
  • Another issue that a lot of people are unaware of is that smoking can also have an adverse effective on the eyesight of the person doing it. As you know that smoking starts to decay our body. Along with this, the smoke that is generated in the process can also have an adverse effect on the health.
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